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summer 2016 newsletter

Photos by Rachel

Hi, my name is Rachel Nicksich. I am 25 years old. I was born in Salt Lake City,UT and attended East High School, the same school where they filmed High School Musical 1,2 &3. One thing you may not know about me is I love to take photos of nature, write poetry and dance. When I get older, it is my dream to work with a professional photographer. Each month I will post 2 photos for you to purchase. I am saving up money to attend the national convention for Ecto Dermal Dysplasias. I have that disorder. Another goal of mine is to educate people about the challenges people with disabilities have. Please share your thoughts about my photography. Have a wonderful day. Love, Rachel

Oddie the “Broken Dog”

This is our rescue dog “Oddie”. Our family rescued him on my birthday after Jake crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Oddie was actually supposed to be a Golden Retriever. John and I were driving up to Seattle to rescue one. By the time we got to Seattle, another couple was at the same rescue. The young couple had also lost a Golden, much younger than Jake. We let them have the Golden because it was the right thing to do. While we were in Seattle, John and I found Oddie at another Rescue. We were told that Oddie was a sweet dog but had some issues. He was “broken”. Oddie was given 3 Prozac’s a day and was confined to a small foster home. While the owners were at work Oddie jumped out of the front wi

Get ready for my next book!

The Tales of Maddie By Karen Nicksich “Once in a while, right I the middle of an ordinary day, LOVE will leap into your life.” "The Tales of Maddie is a true story. This book documents how Maddie, a standard poodle and rescue dog helped heal my family from the loss of our Golden Retriever, Max. Maddie demonstrates how powerful unconditional Love is. The journey of Maddie began on a farm in Oregon where the owners had to give her up for adoption because of a medical crisis. Each chapter in this book tells how Maddie went from being a rescue dog to getting her Good Canine Citizenship Certificate. It also tells the process of how Maddie became a therapy dog for “Love on a Leash.” It is a testi

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