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In The Press
The Magical Journey of Bob Crane came in 2nd place in the 2019 Royal Dragonfly Book Award from Story Book Monsters.
Mrs. Nutterbutter Learns to Share. This is the story of how 4 guinea pigs can not get along with each other. They declare Gorilla war Guinea Pig Style in their cage. This book will be out in April, 2020.
Earth Angels won the 2019 bronze medal from Living Now Books for Better Living


About Karen

Karen Nicksich was a teacher for almost thirty-five years. She attended college in Colorado and holds a gifted and talented education endorsement. She grew up in Upstate New York. Currently, Karen is living in Richland, Washington, with her husband John; son, William; daughter, Rachel; and their two dogs, Maddie and Otis. Karen enjoys riding horses, bird watching, traveling, and rescuing dogs.

Karen's angel connection

I have always been connected with "Spirit" and "Spirit Guides." I first began hearing angels was when I was 18 and attending college in Colorado. One night my grandmother was standing at the end of my bed smiling. How could my grandmother be in my room when my family lived in New York. The phone rang. I got up to answer it. My mother was crying. She told me that my grandmother had just died. I looked back at my bed, and my grandmother was gone. That was the beginning of my journey with angels. I am also clairaudient and clairesent which means I can hear angels talking to me or smell people who have crossed over. Most of the time I receive signs or messages when I'm sleeping.

Karen's heart for dogs...

Oddie was a "broken" dog. After Karen's family rescued him Oddie  thrived. He loved agility training!

He crossed the Rainbow bridge a happy dog!


Hi Karen, I had a wonderful memory of you this morning. It came with
an overwhelming prompting to reach out to you. If there is one thing
that I have learned over the years is that if I receive such a strong
message to contact someone there is a reason. So I Googled you, found
your website and read about your journey. I'm not sure if we are to
reconnect or if I'm to simply send positive thoughts and love your
way? Whatever the outcome I want to thank you for the wonderful
memories and for being an amazing, life-changing teacher not just to
my son, Joshua Walker, but to the thousands of lives (pets included)
you've touched and incredible work you continue to do today! Thank


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