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summer 2016 newsletter

Karen's Interview

On Tuesday November 28,2017 Karen Nicksich was interviewed on Carolina Conversations (WNCT-107.9) by Jeff Diamond. Jeff and Karen discussed if service men/women with PTSD can train their own dogs to be service animals. During the interview they discussed the cost involved in training a service dog, the certifications, and if a certain breed is better for this type of work. In addition they discussed the difference between and service dog and a therapy dog. Click here to listen to the interview!

How Can Service Animals Change the Life of Veterans with PTSD

On November 11, our country honored the men and women of the United States Military who serve our country as part of Vetereran's Day. Many of those veterans are now dealing with the affects of PTSD after being wounded in combat or witnessing the horrors that take place on the battlefield. It’s estimated that anywhere from 11-20 percent of combat veterans returning from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq suffer from PTSD. Companionship is among the treatments that can help those who suffer from PTSD, particularly the companionship of a service animal trained to support those who suffer from the condition. PTSD Service dogs can change the life of a veteran or someone who suffers from Post Traumatic

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