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A Phenomenal encounter with Karen...

My encounter with Karen is so phenomenal it can only be described as a Spiritual encounter. To understand the phenomenal nature of our meeting you must understand the circumstances. I met Karen while at work. In my particular position within the company I work, there are rotations that we take where we are, in no uncertain terms, allowed to engage with any customer. The grounds for doing so include disciplinary action and potential dissolution of employment. There are camera’s and microphones throughout the facility to ensure our compliance. At the time of our encounter, I was sitting at my post, when Karen came around the corner. I do not usually look up in order to avoid any potential engagement, however, her energy literally summoned not only my looking up, but direct eye contact and an immediate introduction and subsequent engagement of conversation. I don’t recall feeling nervous nor did I fear being caught. The conversation that followed was nothing less than inspiring. We continued in our dialogue for several minutes, including enough time to exchange our contact information and even setting up a time to meet and gain greater insight to our spiritual introduction and immediate connection with each other.

Karen shared insights into my life that not even the closest relationships in my life would know about nor understand. She had an immediate connection to the Angels and Spirit Guides around me as well as the physical and energetic blocks of the individuals, relationships and even the physical environments that were adversely effecting my life.

Karen and I continue to share, foster and build upon this most unexplainable, yet most deliberate and much welcomed encounter. And to this day, there has been no mention of, nor any action taken by my employer regarding my most engaging conversation with Karen on the day we met. And trust me, the security and adherence to our compliance is strictly followed and endorsed.

So it is with great pleasure and the deepest of respect that I hold Karen and her Angelic Gifts in the highest of esteem. Your life will be forever blessed and forever changed when you meet Karen. Do not delay, do not hesitate! The quickest route to experiencing a greater, more fulfilled life is through physically taking action. Thus, it is through the singular act of “Execution” that delivers anything and everything we desire.

May Love & Light Be Forever With You,

Danny R.

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