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The Tales of Maddie

By Karen Nicksich

“Once in a while, right I the middle of an ordinary day, LOVE will leap into your life.”

"The Tales of Maddie is a true story. This book documents how Maddie, a standard poodle and rescue dog helped heal my family from the loss of our Golden Retriever, Max. Maddie demonstrates how powerful unconditional Love is.

The journey of Maddie began on a farm in Oregon where the owners had to give her up for adoption because of a medical crisis. Each chapter in this book tells how Maddie went from being a rescue dog to getting her Good Canine Citizenship Certificate. It also tells the process of how Maddie became a therapy dog for “Love on a Leash.” It is a testimony of how any dog can be rehabilitated and be trained to help others. Maddie unleashes kindness and love where ever she goes. The road to Maddie’s heart is paved with paw prints and a pink tail.

Most importantly, “The Tales of Maddie” helped to heal my family during a crisis in our lives. She made our hearts free of sadness and replaced it with a life filled with gladness, laughter and joy.

This book will be available Fall of 2016

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